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Amy, 20, was self conscious of the space between her front teeth. She has beautiful, healthy teeth so we wanted to provide her with the most conservative treatment that would give her the esthetics she desired. By simply bonding white filling material to her front teeth we were able to give her a more beautiful smile without damaging her healthy, natural teeth.

1 appointment, 30 minutes

Dentist in Savannah Savannah Dentist

Crown and Veneers
Carrie, 35, avoided smiling because she hated the way her teeth looked. She always held her hand over her mouth when she smiled. She felt that her teeth were too small, discolored and chipped. We were able to give her a great new smile using porcelain crowns and veneers on her front 10 teeth.

Treatment time: 4 appointments

Dentist Savannah Dentist 31401

Replacing Old Fillings
James, 29, did not like the looks of his old silver fillings. We simply replaced the old fillings with new white fillings to give his teeth a natural, healthy appearance.

1 appointment, 45 minutes

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Jill B. a 42 year old lady always wanted braces to close the spaces between her teeth. She was very conscious of her appearance and would frequently hold her hand over her mouth when she smiled and laughed. After a careful diagnostic work up we realized her problem could be solved with modified veneers completed in under a month while wearing beautiful temporaries. This treatment saved her 2 years of orthodontic treatment. She isn’t hiding her smile anymore

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Bill R. a 66 year old male was concerned with the wear and chipping of his teeth that became more pronounced as he lost some of his back teeth. Further he didn’t like the yellowing of his teeth, and always wished they were straighter. The challenge we had was to build his smile with enough strength to resist his very strong muscles, and reverse the aging wear with ceramics that didn’t look artificial or inappropriate for his age.

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2515 Habersham St.
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 234- 2206

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